Sunday, 8 March 2009

8. Giving some Latitude to Google

Recently I reviewed Google Latitude on this blog, and today I thought I would give you a little more feedback based on my experiences since then.

Firstly, I love it, and it can be addictive! Now, if we look at this image above (on my trusty old Blackberry which I should get repaired but I cannot consider parting with it for 24 hours!!) it shows the result of standing outside a house in the outer London area. The note says "Your position within three metres." Please do not believe everything you see. It was closer to four metres. I know, I as there!

But be warned that it is not always so accurate. It has put me in my neighbours house, or even on the other side of the street. However, for most instance, I consider that to be close enough. That said, it has always been accurate in this country, except this morning when I wanted to take a photograph. In that case it kept thinking I was about one kilometre away. But eventually it got to the right place.

I have also found it very accurate in China, though not so good in Italy.

There are also other views and services, including map views and ways to plot your route (unfortunately given as written instructions). I did manage to send an email to myself of my location but strangely I have not been able to find that function since. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I find it useful for locating myself exactly, zooming out to look at the street names to confirm, and then zooming back in as I walk along, following my exact location.

I have little doubt that this will be very useful for may dyslexic individuals in many instances.

Google Latitude

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