Sunday, 22 March 2009

22. What to do - A simple to do list via Google

Organisation and priorities area always a problem for me. Not in the doing, but in how to organise them outside my head so that somebody else could understand (and I do not forget!). The Desktop is covered in very useful stickies, none of which I feel I can throw away. But I am now hoping that a Google gadget could help. It is "installed" through iGoogle (have a Google account and use Google as your default, and that allows you to use iGoogle) and simply allows a list to appear in your browser. Nothing complicated. Just a pure list. With a priority setting.

But like all new listing systems, lets see how it works in the next month.

The page below shows several other to do lists. I have chosen the one that is also used by 2.3 million other users.

To-do Lists

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