Saturday, 21 March 2009

21. Text to singing - with Oddcast

I came across this little oddity from Oddcast, which is intended as a demonstration of their technical skills. But I realised that with a little creativity, it could be a fun (though slightly limited!) little exercise for kids practicing, for example, syllabification.

Put simply, you type in your words to replace the existing ones, it sings it to you! The way it can implicitly teach is that you decide to use only have one syllable per box. So you can work with the child to break up words into something the program can manage sometimes with creative spelling to recreate the syllable sounds), and then sing.

Yes, it is a bit limited to only two songs in the demo - Supertramps Breakfast in America and Ace of Base's All that she wants. But it can still be fun, and inspire further activities.

Oddcast Text-to-sing

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