Thursday, 12 March 2009

12. 3D touch - in development

Although as a principle I try to avoid too many "coming soon" stories, I thought that, like the Apple netbook of yesterday, this was significant enough to be discussed now.

It seems Mitsubishi are developing a touch screen that will detect how far above the screen you (and your finger) are. Basically the screen will detect how close your finger is, allowing the screen to change without you touching it. It may be argued that this is a double edged sword. On one side you could say it stops all those messy fingerprints, or the stylus being stabbed at the screen until it breaks. Conversely, many dyslexic individuals also being dyspraxic - will those individuals have sufficient motor control to take advantage of such functionality. This is particularly so if you are unable to rest the palm of your hand at the side of the device! (NB They are talking about both laptops and mobile phones.)

However, maybe somebody will bring out an application that could be used on such phones specifically for the training of those motor skills. That is, the device could be used as a motor control training device.

Mitsubishi 3D Touch screen

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