Sunday, 1 March 2009

1. Review of February

February had a diversity of entries, but my favourite has to be Google Latitude (9). No doubt I shall comment more about this later.

There were a number of reading and learning entries. These were: Links to language learning (24): Learning how to use progrmmmes online - Ask Lynda (24): Little pop-up micor-learnings - Popling (18): a library of of audio books - LibriVox (13): The Amazon electronic e-notebook - Kindle 2 (12)

There were three "time management" systems: Manictime (27), Keepmeout (25) and Doris (23). To this you could add Search Pad (8) and Online notebook - Fruitnotes (7)

Three programmes that is "writing" made and appearance: Online comics - Pixton (3), Writing essays - Wikihow (10), Mapping it out - Xmaps (14)

There were three concerned with web search: More searching in pictures - Cuil (5) and Visual shortcuts - MyClusta (21) and Speaking you search criteria of - Nuance (15)

There are also a new backup and storage websites: Backing up syncplicity (4), Save, store and share docs - Docuter (19): Online storage of pdf's - Pdfvia (26)

The project highlighted for this month was iSheds (Support in Higher Education in Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania and Hungary (11)

For the others it is difficult to find groupings for the rest, so here they are
2. Picture editing online - with Pixlr
6. The portable speech engine - DSpeech
16. Online database - Blist
17. Projecting the future - Samsung mobile project.
20. Your own fonts - YourFonts
28. Online word processing - Shutterborg

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