Monday, 10 November 2008

10. Podcasting - in five easy steps

Podcasts are all the rage with tech-savvy individuals and teachers, but are not part of mainstream teaching. Why? Like most innovative teaching, it is because it is an activity that is looking for a reason to exist. However, in the world of dyslexia there are many creative ways this can be used. Put simply, if the dyslexic individual has access to some simple technology, and their atempts at writing are demonstrating their disability rather than their ability, why not encourage the use of using the technology for them to create podcasts as submissions for certain activities.

Of course there are those who will talk about the need to develop their weaknesses. But the skilled teacher know this. The method does not remove the need to teacher the wider skills. It simply offers an opportunity for the individual to show their skills, to recover some self-esteem, and maybe even become an expert who can teach others in a fun medium.

This video shows the five easy steps to get started. And if you are a teacher who is hesitating due to the "complexity" of the technology, you could just ask the kid to try it and tell you how the got on.

5 steps to podcasting

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