Saturday, 29 November 2008

29. Online text-to-speech - iSpeech

This blog has already reviewed a number of text-to-speech engines. Here is yet another one. The slight difference is that it can also take a document on your computer and send back a sound file for you to listen to later. Or you can listen to it live. To test the system, I registered (free and minimal), uploaded a 3200 word article and let it run its course. (I wanted to make sure what I wrote made sense!) The conversion was a little faster than it was being read. File size was around 30 meg, talking 30 minutes to be read. What impressed me most was the voice quality, with excellent intonation (though it did appear to pronounce "him" as "hime"!)

"Saving" methods were the option to download the mp3 file, to have a podcast, to have a link to a website, or to embed a Flash file into a web page. It also added the file to my own library.

Quoting the website "iSpeech can convert your favorite Websites, RSS, Blogs and Documents (Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, Text, etc.) to speech with any PC or Mobile Device. Download your favorite blogs and news feeds as mp3 or podcast your favorite websites into your iPod." I am curious to see what I can do on a mobile phone.


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AngelOSmith said...

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jowdjbrown said...

File size was around 30 meg, talking 30 minutes to be read. speech recognition program