Sunday, 23 November 2008

23. Geeks, the web, and what happens next

Tim O'Reilly is a renown web commentator. He is the one who first coined the term "Web 2". I was recently pointed to a "review" of a talk by him about two weeks ago, which I thought was worth highlighting here, because:

a) It is a good use of concept maps
b) It is an interesting vision of how technology is used, what it can do and what it will do in future.
c) It talks about the "alpha geeks"- "These are the folks who manage to thrive and innovate despite us, rather than because of us."

It seemed so relevant to the world of dyslexia, the dyslexic learner and the creative dyslexic that is should not be missed. (Hint: Click on the concept map and a bigger version will appear.)

O'Reilly concept map

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