Friday, 7 November 2008

7. Comic strip - ToonDoo

If a picture paints 1000 words, then a three picture cartoon must be a 3000 word essay. This simple website helps create cartoons using drag and drop principles. Well worth exploring for those working with children who want to convey a story but without the necessity of writing those 3000 words. And as well as making cartoon strips, you can make books. Lots to explore.

Twenty years ago there were big debates about whether dyslexic children should be allowed to read comics. The consensus (which I did not agree with) was no, and that they should be encouraged to read "real books." My feeling was that the comic should be used to provide a motivation entrance into reading. I believe the thinking is now more open to explore the "non-traditional" paths to encourage any writing, and websites such as this can provide a useful diversion. The added bonus is that the kids can share their ideas with others, as well as use the library of drawings, which will cut down time spent on the drawing elements.

Note that some commentators have suggested that the unwary user could encounter inappropriate material on the site. But despite extensive searches, I have not found any. (Update from Meera at ToonDoo - There is a button top right for Safe Search.)



Meera said...


Thanks for blogging about ToonDoo and ackowledging its potential. We are flattered to know that you feel ToonDoo is a useful tool for children with special needs.

If you have any suggestions for ToonDoo, please write to us. We would love to hear from you.

ToonDudette from

P.S. In order to avoid coming across any inappropriate content at ToonDoo, we would suggest that you turn the safe search feature on (from the top right corner on the site) said...

Hi Meera

Thanks for the information. As you can see, I have already update. If you have more games that may be of interest, please let me know.

Best wishes, Ian