Saturday, 15 November 2008

15. Online file storage - Mediafire

I had a simple problem - I needed to send a file to somebody, but the size was 20 meg. My email limit is 2 meg. So I looked around for a service that would give me what I want, and found Mediafire. They offered unlimited storage, no fees, no software to install. All in return for a few adverts on the screen. I uploaded my Powerpoint, and was immediately given a website address where others could download that file. Simple and easy to use. I can imagine this being useful for any student with large (media-rich) files they are sending to tutors or others.



Anonymous said...

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This review website is excellent and I shall use it in future. However, it would be useful to have a list that also indicated which have the free 1-2 gigs. Also a table of comparative costs would be useful. But perhaps that is there if I know where to look. Thanks for the suggestion.

KK said...

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