Sunday, 19 October 2008

Touch screens – The next big thing for 2009?

Asus (the company that started the commercial revolution in small laptops/netbooks) are talking about a new touch screen "computer" and while it is in the Eee series, sadly it is not a netbook. If rumours are to be believed, this will happen during November. It is said to be a 15 inch screen and no external keyboard. HP are also looking to launch a touch screen (or series of touch screen) devices later this year in their bid to expand a market area.

Does this mean that the touch screen will become of age in 2009? Certainly they will be useful, as you will no longer have to have that hand-eye coodination which requires looking at the screen while moving a device (the mouse or your finger on the finger pad). So clicking will simply be a case of tapping the screen, and drop down menus will appear at the press of a finger. But personally, I prefer to have a keyboard as the on-screen ones end up covering have of the screen area.

In the meantime, I hear that Emotiv are looking to launch some form of "mind control mouse" to move an on-screen cursor.

And we should also reflect on the implications of the latest research coming out of California that says surfing the web keeps you young. (If that is true, I should have the mind of a three year old.) Basically they said that the high number of decisions that need to be made by experienced internet user is more stimulating that reading, and maintains the brain activity, and thereby could slow down degeneration.

I guess in a few years time we shall see research shows how the cursor moves for an older person whose mind keeps wondering!

Asus touchscreen


BBC report on ageing and computers

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