Wednesday, 1 October 2008

September Summary

From my perspective there is always plenty to put on this blog every day. But from a reader's perspective going through each and every entry can be exhausting. So, starting this month, I shall do a short summary of the previous month at the start of each month. (Dates will appear in brackets.)

BATS (Basic Assistive Technology Suite)
This month started with the first version of BATS, my Basic Assistive Technology Suite. What makes this different is that everything that is recommended is free (1 September). This is not to suggest that all of these recommendations are long term solutions, but they can be a very useful way to try software while waiting for the funding to become available. Commercial software exists because it is (almost always) better quality and support. But this is a good place to start.

Laptops and power
Laptops (is that the right word these days?) featured on several days, with a mention of netbooks (30) and the next generation of plastic e-books (25). There was also mention of battery life (8, 9, 13) as well as a mobile wind-up charger.

Assistive software
Text to speech had two mentions (17, 22) as did concept mapping (5, 6). Related to that are whieboards (11). Other highlights were sound recording (19) and screen capture (20). Stickies also had a mention.

Storage was discussed twice (15, 16), password protection once (3) and data recovery was also highlighted (4).

Edysgate was signposted (29) on the day it won an award in Austria.

The other areas discussed were easy reading wiki (27), the Google Chrome browser ((2,7) and their mobile phone platform (24). A new browser experience was also listed (26). Plagarism and authorship was discussed in two posts (10, 28). Fonts also had two mentions (14, 21), and the Maltron keyboard also received some attention (18).

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