Monday, 20 October 2008

Email and SMS reminders - Soshiku

Soshiku, launched at the end of last month,is a great way to keep track of your assignments and have email and sms reminders sent at appropriate times. From their press release: “Having many classes, many high school and college students receive bad grades because of failure of finding a good system for them to manage their schoolwork efficiently, or from just not caring,” observed Andrew Schaper, Soshiku founder (aged 17). “My mission is to make Soshiku the standard in schoolwork management, and to make it not be a chore.” Once you have a (free) account, you can add assignments and coursework deadlines directly from email, your mobile phone via text messaging (SMS), or the web interface. You can set up how far (and how often) in advance you want the message. You can also have a shared account, to allow a friend or tutor to be part of the process. Soshiku Press release Keywords: Soshiku, reminders, coursework, email, sms

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