Sunday, 26 October 2008

Portable Assistive Technology Suite (PATS)

The concept of Portable Applications was mentioned in a previous entry (7th August 2008), but now the idea is to show what else can be achieved. Basically, you can put all the items below onto a USB memory device, and then plug it into any computer. This means you do not have to worry that your favourite software is not available on the machine. (NB The USB device does not have to be a memory stick. It could be carried on a phone, for example, or any other memory device that can be plugged into a computer directly or via a cable.)

The software below is the Portable Assistive Technology Suite, and is in three parts: Portable Apps Suite, Other applications from Portable Apps, and instructions for how to put Skype onto a USB device. Between them they cover most of the applications I need.

Portable Apps Suite
Firefox – Web browser
Thunderbird – Email
Sunbird – Calendar/task manager
ClamWin – Antivirus
Keypass – Password protection
Cool player – Audio player
Sumatra (PDF Reader)
Open Office
Writer (word processor)
Calc (Spreadsheet)
Impress (presentations)
Base (Database utility)
Draw (Drawing)

Audacity (Audio editing and recording)
GIMP (Graphics package)


Portable Apps Suite
Portable Apps
Skype Portable

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