Sunday, 24 January 2010

24. Comment - What to recommend?

Having said yesterday about an exciting new project, and how it appear to have neglected the issue of technology, it made me think what I would do if asked. Of course I shall avoid the obvious answer (read my book Dyslexia in the Digital Age - sorry about the plug) and say that it will vary from country to country, but the requirements are clear - text-to-speech, concept mapping, memory aids and reminders as a minimum. If you can nominate those (in your language and preferably available free) then to me you are a long way towards being dyslexia-friendly with respect to technology. However, simply knowling the name of the software is not enough. There has to be working knowledge of it, and easy access to it. Does that mean everybody in the place awarded the Quality Mark needs to know how to use it? I think my answer is no, but everybody should know that there is a solution, and who has more details. Without this, how can you say that an institution (or even an individual) is dyslexia friendly?

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