Sunday, 10 January 2010

10. Nothing new!

This coming week sees the 2010 BETT Show in London, the trade show that is billed as the biggest Education and Technology Show in the world. I shall be going, but only to network with a few colleagues. Sadly, there is little new to see. Why am I so cynical? Because a few years ago there was exciting innovation that gave the show a real buzz, and in a field devoid of content, there was the potential to excite the imagination. But now we are at some sort of saturation, with little potential to be amazed by something new.

Does this mean that there will be nothing new? Are we doomed for years of incremental change that is marketing rather than needs driven?

Sadly I think that is the case. I am sure there will be new netbooks and tablets, 3D televisions and robots. There will be those hand-held voting devices, learning on mobile phones and many other increments. But will there be anything which mean that kids learn literacy skills, better, faster, easier? I will let you know!

BETT 2010

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