Saturday, 23 January 2010

23. Projects - Dyslexia Veto

I have yet to work out what the title actually means, but the project is very exciting. It is about the expansion of the British Dyslexia Association Quality Mark (QM) into Europe. For those not familiar with it, the QM is a title of distinction that is given to an institution/organisation that reaches a certain level with respect to being dyslexia-friendly. It includes requirements for all aspects from requirements for staff awareness, to access to assessments. However, from the technology perspective, it appears to only talk about "awareness of resources" rather than access to resources and knowledge of resources. I shall watch with interest to see what appears in that respect. Despite this, I think it will be an exciting project to watch, and should have a huge impact across Europe, provide it is taken up wider than the partner institutions.

The countries involved are UK, Bulgarian, Hungary, Italy and Romania. Currently there is no website available. I will advise when available.

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