Friday, 1 January 2010

01. Dyslexia Update

This is a brief update on various projects, trying to be in the style of Twitter (<140 face="arial">
Adystrain (
Training for managers and tutors supporting dyslexic individuals, with online e-books. Contents available in EN, FI, DE, HU, BG, ES.

Embed (
Self-evaluation tools for institutions now available as well as teachers self-assessment. Also self-learning modules. Available in EN, HU, BG, ES and IT.

Please help the Embed European Assistive Technology Survey by completing the online form at (NB If you want to return to it later, copy that long web address at the top. It refers just to your data.)

Online e-learning on study skills. Available by April 2010 in EN, BG, HU, IT and TR.

Dys2 (Son of
Edysgate won a UNESCO World Summit Award for Best in E-Content and Creativity in 2009. This is games and activities that may be used by tutors to help develop cognitive skills. Dys2 is Son of Edysgate. It is in development but Edysgate is still online at Languages of Edysgate – EN, BG, DE, DK, ES.

iSheds (
Developing dyslexia support in higher education in Bosnian, Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian and Slovenian as well as English. E-books online in March 2010 for students and support workers.

Dyslexia Veto
BDA-led project on European dissemination of the Quality Mark, creating dyslexia friendly vocational training centres in Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Romania and the UK. Website launch in February 2010.

Ikonmaps (
Intuitive, free, multilingual, online concept mapping designed for dyslexic individuals. We have menu translations for Bosnian, BG, Croatian, HU, IT, RO, Serbian, Slovenian, Welsh. Please email if you can supply in other languages. (Needs less than 20 words translated!)

Dyslexia Contacts (
GeoDysCo - an open access international, national, local and individual contacts database with GeoMaps I have been developing – is launched in a Beta version. If you/your organisation wish to be listed or know others, please contact me for a template.

BDA Workshop 23/24 Feb and Conference 25-26 Feb - Liverpool
EDA International Conference: Bruges 22-24 April -

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