Thursday, 7 January 2010

07. Backup and storage

If you are away from your computer and cannot get access to a file, it is inconvenient. If your computer is stolen just before you are supposed to hand in an essay that you have spent months preparing, it is devastating. The need for Backup should never be underestimated. Dropbox provides a no/low cost solution to backup. To confirm how simple the latest version is, I opened a new (second) account yesterday, downloaded about 20 Meg of software to install, and chose a free account (2 gig). Then I drag and dropped my latest document (around 12 Meg) into the folder. While I worked on other things, it magically transferred itself to an online deposit folder, creating instant security. Furthermore, my friend (or could be a tutor) could also immediately have access to it irrespective of where they are and the file size. They just have to go to the web site and I give them my user name and password. Check out their video for a quick explanation.

Dropbox download

For alternatives use the following keywords in the Search (top right): storage, backup.

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