Friday, 31 July 2009

31. The future of computer - Web 3.0

Today is the 366th entry, marking the completion of the first full year of this blog, with not a day missed! Tomorrow I shall do the monthly review for July, and after that start an annual review which will look at a difference category every day of August. This means newcomers do not have to read some 366 entries.

So I thought I would take this last day before the review as a chance to look forward, and attempt to share a number of people's idea of what the future, with Web 3.0, will be. Make no mistake, I do not think there are clear difference between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. We had half of what people call Web 2.0 functionality before that name was coined. And we are well into what some people refer to as Web 3.0 technology already. But I found this presentation (or set of presentations) that may help you wade through the quagmire that tries to call itself useful. One day I am sure it will be. But at the moment, the horse is tamed but nobody is thinking clearly about the cart, its contents or how we shall use it.

Web 3.0 explained

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Anna said...

I found the ppt introductions inspiring - a calling for exchanging ideas.