Sunday, 8 February 2009

8. Collecting notes - Search Pad

How do you collect and organise information, whether it is different searches for your holiday, or researching an essay? How do you keep track of where you have been, what was useful and why?

One way is to just copy and paste into a document. Some people like to use some form of Stickies. If your research is more meaningful and needs careful documentation, then something like Zotero could be good. Now Yahoo has started beta testing of a new service called Search Pad. Unfortunately I was unable to gain access to it (it appears to be on restricted testing) but the video (see link below) seems interesting.

Interestingly, this is just a week or so after Google announced it was stopping development of Notebook, its nearest equivalent. My guess is that this means Google have something else in the pipeline. I cannot image they would simply let Yahoo take over this area.

Search Pad

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