Sunday, 1 February 2009

1. January review

January started with a review of the year and the TechnoDys Awards for 2008 (1). We then had an exciting month that included personal route maps on mobile phone to help people find you (and find yourself!) (Zhing - 3) to laptops for €10 (31). In between there were a host of other exciting developments.

One of the most exciting was Prezi (29) which is a new form for presenting. Other visual forms were Concept mapping on the iPhone (11), Templates for mapping ideas - Exploratree (20) and Visual Mind 11 Beta (30)

Four came under the category of "text-to-speech": How do you pronounce it? - Forvo (10) Recording on the move - Audioblogs (24), For the quiet times - VLoud (13) and Burning the call - Callburner (26)

There were three capture and convert items: Improved scans from your phone - Snapter (7), Conversions - in Zamzar (23) and Screencapture - Screentoaster (21)

Two "writing" programs made and appearance: Luminotes (15) and Pic-Lits (17)

There were two concerned with web search 8. Cooliris (8) and Homepage Startup (22), and one for content management - Zimplit (27).

There is also a new tracking tool TrackClass (9), and a translator - Nicetranslator (28)

The project highlighted for this month was Embed Project(25)

For the others it is difficult to find groupings for the rest, so here they are

18. New technology
19. Write place - Livescribe
6. The local book store - in Google
5. Making your own jigsaws - Jigzone
4. Moving around files to a nearby friend
12. Plagiarism 3 - Raptor
16. Words in pictures - TagCrowd

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