Tuesday, 6 January 2009

6. The local book store - in Google

Busy parents and teachers often do not have time to browse around the local library or book store to find something that is just right. However, Google is attempting to put huge numbers of books online. They are also working with publishers, putting part of the books online to encourage reader to buy the paper version. (Be warned - the first ten pages may seem fine, but at some point the book suddenly stops!) Unfortunately the online books are currently not accessible to text-to-speech, nor can you change the background or copy and paste it into another document. However, there are ways to use this resource to end up with dyslexia-friendly books.

Firstly, click on (for example) the link below to go to the Google Short Stories Collection. Choose a book, such as the Just So Stories. (These are well out of copyright, so will cause no problems for you.)

Then type the first ten or so words of the story into Google and search for results. You will find that some people have typed the entire short story into their web pages, and you can then copy and paste those words into your own document such as word. Once in Word, you can adjust colours, font size etc. You can also adjust the text to make the difficult words easier.

This technique can be used in many cases. However, for a good list of "Your Reader", you could try Classic Reader

Note that

Google Short Stories Collection

How the Whale Got it Throat, by Rudyard Kipling (from the Just So Stories)

Clsssic Reader