Monday, 5 January 2009

5. Making your own jigsaws - Jigzone

At first sight, the idea of making jigsaws did not seem to be a particularly dyslexia-related activity. Obviously there is visual representation and filling in gaps, not to mention attention and concentration. But then I realised that this could be a very good basis for early literacy learning activities because you have the chance to upload your own pictures. That is, you can log in, and then upload images from your own computer to this website. You can then choose the level of difficulty, from easy to very hard. I created the above example in PowerPoint (I took a frame grab using Print Screen, Pasted it into Paint and then saved it. It is a lot quicker than it sound, especially if you are doing several!) I then uploaded it and it was ready to go. (The website resized the image to 400 x 300 pixels.) It could not have been easier.



Lars Michael Lehmann said...

Dear Colleagues,

EDysGate your games can be very well integrated into the Legasthentraining. Affected as dyslexia expert, you can only recommend.

Best regards
Lars Michael Lehmann

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