Friday, 2 January 2009

2. December Review

Having just completed the annual review, it seems a little odd to look for the highlights of the past month. But there were plenty of very good entries.

Probably the highlight of the month for me was Dimdim (19) an excellent sharing environment that brings together all the best in shared learning environments, video conference and support.

There was a reference to my Preference Research (31), which should provide some fun for all.

To assist writing this month, there were three create entries: Combining text versions (4), Cartoons for all the family – Bitstrips (30), Concept mapping with speech-to-text – MindManager (12)

There were three entries for reference materials - Wikipedia on the move (26), Pronounce it – Howjsay (20) and Looking up words in Acrobat (15)

In the area of “text-to-speech” we had Listen to books (5), Aesop's Fables - Listen and learn through AnswerTips (29) and Spoken text (in Spanish and French) – Spokentext (8)

There were two entries for Search Engines - Advanced search from Google (3) and Search engine meets concept maps (23)

Memory and management had the largest number of entries, covering reminders and deadlines (Deadline (11) and Freminder (25)), tasks (Google Tasks (10) and Stickies (13 and 14), as well as mnemonics (18) and back-ups (16). Time management was also covered (Time (mis) management - AppActivity 2.0 (6))

Reflections were about online desktops (28), The future of computing (21) and Listening and note taking (7)

There were a number of other items that do not fit into any one category - Online password management – Clipperz (27), Screen and video capture made easy – Jing (24), Notes online – Evernote (17), File splitting – Gsplit (9), Scanning for free – TopOCR (2), Online video chat – Oovoo (22)


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