Saturday, 3 January 2009

3. A taste of things to come – with extra Zhiing

How do you decide what to highlight on the first entry of the year after the reviews? It is difficult, but I have chosen Zhiing, because I think it is a wonderful idea, and would be a great help to many, many dyslexic individuals. And even though it is currently available only in USA and Canada, and does not hit Europe until late 2009, here it is:

Imagine you are meeting friends in a coffee shop and you are not sure where it is. They use the Zhiing “browser” to send the location of the meeting place to your smart phone, and it arrives with a map of how to get there and a set of instruction. That is, the software detects where you (the recipient) are (using GPS) and make the map accordingly. It really is that simple.

Another example on their site is that you are in a big city and lost. You want a cab but do not know where you are. So you send them a message via Zhiing, and they receive a map that directs them to you. (It could equally well be a friend direct to come to find you.)

This could remove many of those concerns about being lost or taking the wrong route. If it lives up to the words on the website, it will be wonderful.

Currently it is available on iPhones and Blackberry, but the Nokia version is due out in January 2009.


Keywords: zhiing, GPS, locator


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Taymar said...

Yay! I'm glad you picked Zhiing to review. The crowded coffee shop scenario is a great example - I just made a video portraying this very thing - - and I wrote a blog comparing three location finder services -

Zhiing should be going global very soon, stay tuned...


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