Monday, 5 October 2009

05. See your battery life in colour with BattCursor

There is little more annoying that just getting to the crucial part and suddenly the battery on the laptop fails and the whole system shuts down. Of course there are many types of indicators that you could use. But some are not very conspicuous, and only tell you once you check! This is a free utility that I came across (in PC Utilities) as "Automatically change the colour of window borders to indicate the stare of your laptop's battery." There are also battery saving functions and apparently many more options. Certainly worth a try!



joystick said...

Thanks for this nice article here. I am agree with it. There is really need to have indicator for to show battery life. It shows us life of battery. So any particular color is necessary for that. Well It is nice to post here. I like this site as it is very informative.

Dell Laptop Batteries said...

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