Thursday, 1 October 2009

01. September Review

For me the most exciting announcement for the past month have been in the area of hardware. With laptops becoming thinner, cheaper, and more mobile (what does the term "mobile" now mean as Nokia enter the netbook market?), technologies continue to merge. And rumours suggest that there is more to come this year, including maybe from Apple. Watch this space!


16. Cheap laptop still going down
20. Laptops move to thinner versions
23. New computer - from Nokia!
26. Asus to enter the E-Reader market
27. The end of XP is near
30. Big USB offers a viable back-up

02. Create games with Classtools
12. Neurodiversity in Higher Education
19. Quality research support from Intute
24. Free and paid for audio books from The Talking...

Screen recording and sharing
03. Sounds easy - online audio sharing with Chirbit
04. Screen recording made easy with Screenjelly
08. Etherpad just got better with the timeline
09. Storage online for sharing - from Box
18. Screencapture with PrtScr
14. Free video chat from Tokbox

28. Reminders for multiple users - Byapp
07. New form of stickies - Postica

06. Where is it all going?

05. Inspirations about mind mapping
10. Speaking websites and blogs from ReadSpeaker
11. Creating animation - with Go! Animate
13. To Twitter or not to Twitter
15. Time out for computers with Romaco
17. Organise your status bar in Firefox with Organize Status Bar
21. Blogging just got easier with After the Deadline
22. Maths tutorials from Brightstar
25. Build your CV using Ceevee

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