Thursday, 7 May 2009

7. Talking books - with Stanza

Stanza is a popular iPhone e-reader, and has been around for some time. It also works on different platforms. However, it has just been bought by Amazon, the same people who have just run into legal problems with the text-to-speech for their e-reader Kindle. Not sure how I can see that one will not be OK, but the this one will be fine.

According to the website, "It gives special attention to details that are usually overlooked in other software readers such as hyphenation, text columnation, automatic text scrolling, and user-friendly page and chapter navigation." Of course you still have to buy the books!


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Gabriel said...

Stanza is great if you only want to read text from free books. But it will not allow any artwork and cannot read purchased eBooks. Most reviewers either omit these facts or simply overlook them.

Those are severe limitations if you want to read something besides Grimm’s Fairy Tales, The Art of War or Robinson Crusoe. eReader is also free on the App site and has a much wider capability for accepting e-material. This includes artwork and paid eBooks.

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