Sunday, 24 May 2009

24. Wolfram Alpha on test

I decided to put the much heralded WolframAlpha to the test with the obvious word - dyslexia, just to see how it faired. I think my response at this level must be "nothing to write home about". Here are the results.

Input interpretation: dyslexia (English word)

Definition: Noun - dyslexia - impaired ability to learn to read

Word origins: German | Greek (first recorded use: 1887 (122 years ago))

American pronunciation: (This does not appear to show well here.)

Broader terms: learning disability / learning disorder

Hyphenation: dys-lex-i-a

In response to "How do you make a concept map?" it responded "Wolfram|Alpha isn't sure what to do with your input."

At least when I put the same question to Google it gave me half a dozen good answers.


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