Saturday, 6 February 2010

6. Speech-to-text in Windows 7

In the UK there are still many students waiting for their funding for assistive technology. However, even Windows 7 has lots of feature that can be useful. For example, try using Speech-to-text. You can access details through the computer Control Panel/Speech Recognition, where you will find the following:

Start Speech Recognition
Start using your voice to control your computer

Set up microphone
Set up your computer to work properly with Speech Recognition

Take Speech Tutorial
Learn to use your computer with speech. Learn basic commands and dictation.

Train your computer to better understand you
Read text to your computer to improve your computer's ability to understand your voice. Doing this isn't necessary, but can help improve dictation accuracy.

Open the speech Reference Card
View and print a list of common commands to keep with you so you always know what to say.

And here is a short video that show a few details.
Speech-to-text on Windows 7


speech to text said...

Nice one speech to text

MK Maran said...


This is what I am looking for. Currently I need a software to convert speech to text and tried google. I found many sites about many software but most of them not freeware.

I found here, it is in-built with windows 7 & Vista. You know, fortunately I have windows7 on my home pc. I will give a try.

Thanks you for your post!


AngelOSmith said...

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