Tuesday, 9 February 2010

09. E-readers

It seems there are many reviews of e-readers. Here are two that will suit different types of people.

E-book Readers review (UK) - long detailed review, like a blog.

Top Ten Reviews - Short tables with key comparisons.

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Tablet PC accessories said...

Is there any redeeming quality to this e-reader aside from that it has access to B&N's book collection?

IE, the preview didn't talk about comparative screen quality.

It has pen input, but no attention was given to that feature as it wasn't ready at the time.

I wish Engadget articles would give some space to relevancy alongside the usual snide commentary. Too many force a lot of research to answer the key question of 'what was this product again'? Not every product has dozens of articles like the iPad so that we all immediately know what the 'point' of the product is.