Tuesday, 2 February 2010

2. Portable Application

Portable applications are those that you can put onto a USB memory stick. The latest Portableapps Suite (from portableapps.com) has just been released, and includes:
* Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition (web browser)
* Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition (email)
* Mozilla Sunbird, Portable Edition (calendar/tasks)
* ClamWin Portable (antivirus)
* Pidgin Portable (instant messaging)
* Sumatra PDF Portable (PDF reader)
* KeePass Password Safe Portable (passwords)
* Sudoku Portable (game)
* Mines-Perfect Portable (game)
* CoolPlayer+ Portable (audio player)
* Pnotes Portable (sticky notes)
* OpenOffice.org Portable* (office suite)
- Writer (word processor)
- Calc (spreadsheet)
- Impress (presentations)
- Base (database utility)
- Draw (drawing)

This means that if you like to always use the same software, and need to move from one computer to another, you will always have your software with you. The one big item missing is text-to-speech. But I am working on it!

Portable Apps Suite

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