Thursday, 24 December 2009

24. Auto Enter with TypingAid

Typing Aid is, as the webpage says, a simple, compact and handy auto-completion utility. It includes:
- Auto-complete words and phrases in any window which you set
- Support European languages with accents - so you can use in any language.
- Show suggestion tooltips, no toolbar used.
- Add words and phrases to word list with shortcut key.
- No configuration needed
- Portable (you can put it on an USB memory stick), so installation needed.

So for example, I could just type "Ian" (it uses the first three letters) and I can make it so that it would give me the full set of alternatives such as my email address which I then enter using the number keys.

The download comes with a "blank" template for work lists, but there are many on their website to download.

And it appears to work in all programs including Word and while doing this blog in Firefox. It is without doubt one of the neatest I have seen, and would say this is my find of the year (so far!).

Typing Aid


Kelly said...

This website, for Typingaid, will not open at all for some reason, no matter which page I try to go do, main page, download page, screenshot, etc. said...

Hi Kelly. Thanks for the feedback. I have just tried it and the pages opened and I could download. However, it was very slow. (Maybe they are on maintenance?) But it is worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

TypingAid 2.20.0 has been released. There is a new website: