Tuesday, 1 December 2009

01. November Review

Today sees the last of my monthly review, with the one on January 1st being for the year, and then I will try the new format which will allow people to find answers more quickly. All they will have to do is search the past month instead of the past 500 entries.

08. Online assessment

03. Tablet PC from Archos
09. Apple mouse
18. Just put your lips together and blow - Key finder
23. Shopping for Livescribe

Memory and organisation
10. Stickies update
16. Timelines made easy - Tom's Planner
28. Tracking business notes with Timetonote

Visual presentations
20. Mind mapping software update - Inspiration 9
07. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for free

14. Blogwatch - concept mapping

06. SEN Teacher

Screen recording, sharing and backup
05. Recording calls with Cogi
13. Back- for free with Save2FTPup
21. Recording phone calls with Recordiapro
30. Remote control from tightvn

04. Study skills project - DESSDYS
15. Discovery 1
29. Dys2 - the return of Edysgate

17. Text-to-Speech with Talking Clipboard

User preferences
11. Zooming using QZoom
25. Mini magnifier from Optelec

02. DysFest
12. Spellchecking with Tinyspell
19. Download Microsoft Office 10 Beta
22. Window 7 - from experience
24. Talking avatars from Voki
26. Keyboard for the iPhone
27. Make a tiny (memorable) URL with TinyURL

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