Sunday, 29 November 2009

29. Dys2 - the return of Edysgate

I try to keep people up to date with projects that are starting or have made significant progress recently. In this case, I want to inform readers of an exciting project that I have been involved with, for which the first (two year) part is already completed. Now it enters a second version, Dys2, which is an extention of Edysgate.

It is about making game-based activities to help develop the areas of:

1. Auditory discrimination
2. Auditory memory
3. Auditory sequence
4. Visual discrimination
5. Visual memory
6. Visual sequence
7. Spatial position (e.g. top, bottom, behind, ahead, left, right)

These computer-based activities may be used in conjuction with other teacher-based activities to help develop these skills that are used in the development of literacy skills.

It is a partnership between UK, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Cyprus, and Lithuania.

The Dys2 website will be launched towards the end of January. In the meantime, the original activities can be accessed through the Edysgate website.


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