Thursday, 5 November 2009

05. Recording calls with Cogi

There are a number of phone call recording systems, and Cogi (pronounced Co-Gee) is yet another. It costs, but it does appear to offer a better set up, and can be arranged to record mobile conversations too as well as conference calls.



James said...

Ian, thanks for introducing your readers to our service. We are a fairly new company and have been offering a 30-day free trial for people to try us out. And we would love hear your feedback. If you keep the service your trial account automatically rolls over to a subscriber account so you can keep the calls you’ve made during the trial. Cogi lets you record your calls and meetings using either our downloadable software and/or our access number. Cogi also has the added value of giving you the option to have the call transcribed, selectively highlighting portions of the call for transcription or just the recording the conversation. There are several pricing options for different usage levels.

Cogi, Inc.

Robert said...


I run a locksmith business and have been recording my calls for about 3 years now. i am an early adopter of the mobile or cell phone based call recording industry and used a product called maklitel when this technology first came out. I may have a specialized need because calls need to be recorded from the switch and down to the cell phone for whoever is on call but i have to say the most impressive service ive seen out there that can do both incoming as well as outgoing call recording is a service called recordiapro. they have a bunch of different features that i havent been able to find in other products and even something as simple as their mp3 file deliver instead of wav files induced me to switch from their competitor record my calls.