Sunday, 1 November 2009

01. October Review

This month I did not see any real highlights, though there were some good things. The decreased price of Captura was good (19). I like mini Homer (07). It is the sort of thing I would buy on impulse it I saw it. And the flash cards (28) seemed worth following up.

Collaborative work
04. Collaborative suites
20. Office live - from Microsoft

01. September Review
10. Keeping up to date with technology - Google Wave
17. Keeping up-to-date - E-learning: How important
18. Search Me has gone! At least for now.

07. Mini Homer, for where its at
14. Kindle in the UK
25. Wireless power

Memory and organisation
02. Highlight and save web pages with iCyte
09. Netnotes links the note to the net!
21. Notes taking with Knowledge Notebook

03. E-learning and assistive technology from Lexdi
13. Work lookup (and hearing) with WkiLook

Screen recording and sharing
16. Screen sharing with Skype

19. Shoot and hear from Captura

05. See your battery life in colour with BattCurso
06. Convert to PDF in many languages with doPDF
08. Open Office for Mac - NeoOffice
11. News Flash for smart phones
12. YouTube (and similar) easy downloads
15. Check that URL with URL Fixer
22. Learning languages with Lingoversity
23. Magnifier with PCLoupe
24. Keeping up-to-date with Twitter
26. Tracking what works
27. Photo editing with Picnik
28. Flash cards with BambooApps
29. Security software - from Microsoft

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