Monday, 3 August 2009

03. Password protection

I did not know how much I needed password protection until I had it. I now use Keepass all the time (probably five times a day), whenever I log onto a website, whether it is Facebook, my bank account or this blog. Of course most of the time I log in using this machine, and Firefox will retain many of the passwords. But I do run another machine, and therefore I can transfer the portable Keepass via a USB memory stick. However, I admit that I should also have an online system for the very important ones, not least because I keep forgetting to back up the latest copy of Keepass. My fear is that there are still several instance when I need a password and do not have internet access. For any budding programmers out there, maybe there is still room for another service - an online password protection, which includes a local backup!

Authors choice: Keepass

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