Tuesday, 28 April 2009

28. Large files? Enjoy the buzz of Otengo

On several occasions on this blog I have mentioned my need to send large email. This one now seems to be a better solution than previous ones. It is a small freely downloadable application which allows you through email to share files at least 100 meg, and maybe a lot bigger. As I understand it, from a technical perspective it is ingenious in that you send an email and at the same time in the background a special little program uploads it to a web folder (a sort of ftp). The recipient is told where to find it, and downloads, again using a small piece of software. Simple and easy to use (but only PC at present).


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Justin said...

Try Binfer. You can drag and drop hundreds of files. It can transfers very large files directly from yours to your contacts computer, with auto resumes and encryption. It has saved me lots of time. The site is http://www.binfer.com