Saturday, 18 April 2009

18. Where is the car parked - G-Park

There are many trivial (and beyond trivial) iPhone applications. However, G-Park is a tool that may be useful for many dyslexic individuals. All you do it click when you park the car and then later you can follow the route back to where it is. A neat idea with a lot of potential users. Of course if you parked in a multi-storey, you still have to remember the level you are on. And if you battery dies and your charger is in the car ...... But you cannot have everything!

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Anna said...

We shall try it - my worst nightmare is wandering around in a garage six feet under ground level, all alone in the building and not remembering if it was the yellow wheasel row or rather the pink chipmunk.
And what if the battery is out? Well, thanks to my attention deficit, I have lost the keys for the sky compartment, cannot remove it all year, so except the winter season, I can quickly spot my car.