Tuesday, 21 April 2009

21. The road to organised research - Mendeley

Mendeley is a new tool (currently Beta 0.6) designed to assist you to "manage, share and discover research papers." In theory it is good (who can afford those prices for one paper!). It claims to have "Articles added: 854,817 research papers in all academic disciplines." But just below is the reality check of "6,321 research papers downloadable for free from their authors' profile pages." Maybe it is not quite so advantageous as it may at first appears.

I have decided to wait for somebody else to champion the content, rather than go in myself and hunt around.



Ricardo Vidal said...

Hi Ian,
Thanks for the post, we really appreciate your interest in Mendeley.

Keep in mind that Mendeley's main purpose is managing & sharing research papers that you already have. The software extracts metadata from the PDF documents and allows you to perform fulltext search on the documents, among other things.

Hope you enjoy using the software and would be very interested in reading more of your thoughts about it.

Research Papers said...

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