Tuesday, 23 September 2008

23. Wind up mobile charger

We become very reliant on our mobile phones, and if the power fails, we can loose (temporarily) phone numbers, appointments, calendars, and the ability to call somebody to tell them the phone has died and can they provide vital information. There are many simple solutions: carry a spare battery (and remember to keep it charged) always keep an extra charger at work/school/college, carry a charger with you, carry a second phone etc.

However, there is another option, which is the wind-up charger. Three minutes of winding apparently will give eight minutes of talk time (or access to those vital numbers). I admit this is more a novelty present for most people, since why carry this instead of a spare battery or charger and knock on somebody's door. Or ask somebody to borrow their phone. But as somebody who travels a lot, I know that there are many occasions when it would be good to have this option.

Click for a link to one of many such devices and suppliers.

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