Sunday, 21 September 2008

21. Reflections on fonts

This blog is intended to dyslexia friendly, which includes being brief. But occasionally something needs a longer explanation. For that reason, a more extended version of today's blog will be found on the site mentioned at the bottom.

Every dyslexic is different, and the typeface of preference is very personal. There are many factors that can influence it, but research suggests that most prefer what they are used to. That is, if you grew up reading Times, then that may be your preference, at least on paper. However, Times breaks up on the computer screen, so you may need to change to Arial. This in turn will affect what you prefer on paper. Thus your preferences will change.

If one had to suggest to a commercial organisation what typeface to use that would assist the highest number of people, the answer would be that Arial or similar should be the first choice. But it would be even better if an electronic version was made available for people to adjust to their own preferences.

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