Tuesday, 2 September 2008

02. New Google Browser - Google Chrome

The launch today of the new Google browser created a flurry of activity in technology blogs but does it represent a breakthrough or just another option? Inital reaction seems to be muted, seen as an expected development rather than what we have all been waiting for. The question for TDB (TechnoDys Blog) is what will be the implications for dyslexic users?

Of course the first reaction is that one needs to learn yet another new system. But fortunately the new browser follows the principles of clarity and therefore it should be intuitive.

Key areas for consideration include ease of changing background colours and font sizes, and the ability to integrate text-to-speech software. The other aspect will be the ability to return to ones favourite sites, through history and bookmarks.

Clearly this development is about making a browser for the services that are up-and-coming, including better handling of online services such as Google Docs, Google Earth, Videos etc and the yet to be conceptualised ideas for "Web 2" and "Web 3" (whatever those terms may mean!).

Google Chrome

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