Friday, 19 June 2009

19. Event management - with Marxio Timer

I do not install all the software I highlight on this blog. But this is one I do use on a regular basis. Marxio Timer is a simple interface that runs in the background and can perform a number of functions. The one I use it for most is to set reminders. It has a good countdown clock, and also will close applications at certain times if you set it to do so. (To stop yourself web browsing after lunch time is over?)

Marxio Timer

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Anonymous said...

Marxio Timer can be used for more actions like mouse click or press selected key at selected time - at hour, after x monutes etc. It's very useful when you have 4 monitors as I do and have to track price bars. I donated to them $25 because that's what I was looking for. Now I can just create action that would press F5 refresh button, set few reminders and run put my computer to sleep when 11:00 PM starts. I wish developer good luck, to still develop and improve it. Stan.