Sunday, 14 June 2009

14. Tutoring with Tutrrme

This is an interesting concept, though may be a little early in the development to be of much interest to many readers of this blog. However, I hope you can see the potential.

Basically it puts tutors and students together, being really a way to find the right person for the job. It is free, but there are currently very few tutors. (I assume if money does have to change hands, it does so through private contract.) I like in particular the maps that allow you to find the right person by location through a map rather than having to search through many long lists. It is a good idea, and it would be great if there was something specific for dyslexic individuals looking for support.

However, it is early days.


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SeekaTutor said...

Looks like a good site Ian. We have recently launched a tutor directory site SeekaTutor, see:
Our site also provides map searching and we list both tutorin companies and private tutors. We also have tutors more special learning needs listed.