Monday, 4 August 2008

04. Free scanning from your mobile phone - Scanr

Simple concept - use your mobile to photograph a document, send it to a webpage ( and it will turn it into text in your account. Very simple, and high quality (obviously depending on the phone image quality). Unfortunately the free trial period is not over, but it still only cost about £15 (€20) per year. This means that you could take photos anywhere - at home, at work, in the library (with due respect to copyright laws) and have the information immediately available as electronic material. This even works for non-English material (tested in Portuguese). You can then either go onto the web to look at the results of have them sent to your email address. That would allow you to copy the result into your document and adjust to your preferences.

However, the secret is to ensure the contrast is good. Many cameras will take a reading from the paper and assume an "average" colour, which makes it under exposed and looking grey. It is suggested that if you have the option, change the camera setting to "+1".

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