Wednesday, 27 August 2008

27. Cutting down reading - Subject Search Summarizer 4.01

There are two ways you can reduce the amount of "reading" for a given text. Either you can change the modality, from reading to listening to it being read or you can make a synopsis of the text, and then read the much shorter synopsis. This can now be achieved through commercially available software. Although clearly aimed at the commercial sector, this could be an excellent tool for the dyslexic individual.

However, a word of warning - the camera make a "best guess" on the picture exposure by comparing the scene to "expectations". These expectations are average. The "average" picture (ie mix all the colours together) is light grey. Without going into details, the consequence is that when you shoot a dark image (eg a man in a black suit) the suit looks too light as the camera is trying to make the picture (ie the suit) grey. If the main image was a white dress, the camera is still assuming the scene is "grey" and consequently the dress appears grey. (Technically, the suit is over exposed and the dress is under exposed.)

The point is that the system relies on averages. But any one scene may be a long way from average. In the same way, synopsis software relies on "average" text, and the result needs to be treated with caution rather than as a panacea.

Examples include

However, check that it is compatible to your system.

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