Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Adystrain - supporting those supporting dyslexia adults

"ADysTrain is a project for trainers in the field of adult training and for high-level personnel in leadership position as well as high and mid-level management. We want you to look again at those you work with. We want to help you understand how to get the best from those who may have reading and writing difficulties, and may need a different approach to learning than others."


praxishandbuch_dyslexie said...

H, I read the informations in Adystrain with interest. I'm on the way to edit a book about Dyslexia in Switzerland an I found important informations there. As German is my mother tongue I read it in German. It is a pitty that the translation is not very good. Some groups of words are not translated and sometimes the sentences are translated too close to the English text so that they are not easily understood. Also the text is not visible totally. said...

Hi, I am very interested in hearing more. Please can you email me directly with more details. I am very happy to share about other projects with German text. I would welcome your comments. Ian